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Business Coaching for Manufacturers

As we are all aware the UK is riding a wave of uncertainty and facing challenging economic times.

For manufacturing businesses this equates to uncertainty for their future success and growth, but with insight and lean management efficiencies I believe the UK manufacturing industry has a bright future.

I understand the challenges you are facing in this turbulent time: global competition, shifting import and export costs, changing regulations, shortage of skilled workers, environmental concerns and the rising cost of automation and advancing technology.

“I will help you refocus and make positive changes to reposition your manufacturing business. You will face your competition, become cost effective, improve productivity, turn regulation and compliance issues to your commercial advantage, attract and retain the right employees for your business and gain sustainable growth.”

With Nigel’s insight, business knowledge and lean management experience together you can develop long-term continuous improvement solutions.

Working collaboratively with Nigel you will:

  • Gain a clear vision for the future of your business to be shared will all employees.
  • Optimise the efficiency of your work processes and workforce to achieve greater productivity and efficiency.
  • Understand what brings value to the end product in order to eliminate waste and produce goods that meet your customers’ needs and demands.
  • Visualise your workflow and eliminate any potential blockages to ensure its smooth running.
  • Gain confidence when faced with regulatory and compliance changes

To change the way you run your business call Nigel today on 01244 987 803.