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Financial Services

Having worked in Financial Services for many years I understand the pressures faced by you, the business owners and the IFAs. Keeping up with strategic, operational, regulatory, political, economic and environmental challenges as well as managing a workforce can be stressful. Wouldn’t it feel great if you could use the energy and time spent on these challenges to move your business forward?

Making changes in this highly regulated industry can seem daunting and many business owners fear change and simply avoid it. From experience this fear stems from uncertainties and not fully understanding what needs to be changed. It could be that your marketing isn’t suitable for your audience, your staff aren’t fully engaged with your vision, you’re wasting time on administrative tasks or you’re losing sleep worrying if your processes are compliant.

“Together we can develop innovative ways for you to manage more effectively, gain the confidence to make the right decisions and free up your valuable time and energy to move your business forward.”

Utilising Nigel’s financial regulation expertise, risk and asset management experience, his close ties to a large professional network and his worldwide economic view you can turn your uncertainties into certainties giving you an advantage over your competitors.

Working collaboratively with Nigel you will:

  • Identify risks, mitigate them and turn them into positive commercial opportunities
  • Gain confidence to make the right choices
  • Change the way you think about risk, compliance and governance
  • Understand regulatory programmes including Basel II, Solvency II, MiFiD II & GDPR
  • Achieve compliance assurance
  • Incorporate your customers, shareholders and employees into your plans to ensure buy-in
  • Provide advice and guidance to non-executive directors and boards
  • Resolve problems with innovative plans

To change the way you run your business call Nigel today on 01244 987 803.