Case Study - Cox Mahon


Nigel, our Managing Partner, is working with leading specialist insurance broker, Cox Mahon Ltd, who was working through how to” transform to grow”.

The business had a clear niche in Professional Risks and Private Clients, was well capitalised and had an experienced team but the Directors recognised that they had reached a point where they needed support to develop further and create a foundation for future growth.

So how did we help

We took the time to understand not only the markets, but the people and the systems too, and set about building a challenging 5 yr. plan that focussed on People, Markets and Systems.


We identified skills and leadership gaps, developing a structure that not only made the business more effective but also created a more sustainable leadership capability and allowed the Directors to focus on developing new clients.

We have brought on board an EA to make the Directors more effective, a Director of Operations to drive transformation, and identified a new Director to develop new markets and drive business development.

We continue to Mentor the Directors and new Leadership as part of our ongoing support.


We reconfirmed the niche but also spent time discussing further areas where we could create a brand presence without moving away from the core focus of the business. This has led to a review of brand and marketing and we have supported the introduction of specialist marketing director support.


The business recognised the need to make the systems work for it rather than against it and that this was holding back the opportunities to not only grow but also offer clients ongoing exceptional service.

Within 2 months of bringing on the Director of Operations, Cox Mahon have decided to invest in a new operating system and infrastructure, ultimately creating the opportunity to transform and, as importantly for the Directors, to focus on their respective core strengths.

Our experience allowed us to help the business drive transformation and we stood shoulder to shoulder with the business over the 12 months to make sure it happened.

Nigel now Chairs the EXCO and the business has moved onto our plus membership proposition allowing it to further access the skills, experience and knowledge of Ashton Consulting Board

Nigel commented, “for us, it is about finding the right clients who have the desire to change and Cox Mahon is an exceptional business with a real appetite for future transformation “

Andrew Kenyon, Managing Director for Cox Mahon commented, “Nigel has been instrumental in supporting us to achieve our business goals. He took the time to understand our business and his knowledge of business strategy, sustainable leadership and importantly the ability to implement these changes, has given us the confidence to drive the business forward.”