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Specialist Coaching for Retail Businesses

The landscape of retail in the UK has changed dramatically since the advancement in technology and the competition from online giants. Now, more than ever, there is a need for retailers to work smarter not harder.

I know that complexities such as regulations, cashflow, storage areas, stock, quality control, training, deliveries as well as managing a workforce can distract a retail business owner from growing their business.

Throughout my career I have gained insight into how to improve businesses by introducing lean efficiencies. I can help you improve your retail operations ensuring it runs and functions at its optimal level. Together we can focus on cost-effective process improvements to increase revenue.

“Making positive changes and developing an innovative strategy to help you streamline your processes and gain loyal customers is key to your success and growth.”

With Nigel’s insight, business knowledge and lean management experience together you can develop long-term continuous improvement solutions.

Working collaboratively you will:

  • Maintain and understand your cash flow for peace of mind.
  • Focus on metrics and key performance indicators to deliver the most return on your investment.
  • Gain a clear vision for the future of your business to be shared will all employees.
  • Optimise the efficiency of your work processes and workforce to achieve greater productivity and efficiency.
  • Understand what brings value to your business in order to eliminate waste.
  • Maintain consistent customer service by continually meeting customers’ needs and demands.
  • Visualise your workflow and eliminate any potential blockages to ensure its smooth running.
  • Gain confidence when faced with regulatory and compliance changes.

To change the way you run your business call Nigel today on 01244 987 803.