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Nigel Allman mentors and supports business owners to think beyond their products and services, helping them make positive changes to achieve growth.

Ashton Consulting

“I help you manage your business instead of your business managing you.” – Nigel

Ashton Consulting, based in Chester, is committed to help you integrate effective business management into your day to day activities and your growth strategies to guarantee the optimum sustainable outcome for both you and your customers.

In today’s ever-changing business environment understanding the impact to regulations, due diligence, compliance and operations can seem daunting. Utilising Nigel Allman’s 25-year risk and business management experience you will achieve the goals which excited you when you first launched your business. Instead of fearing change you will be inspired to embrace it. Working collaboratively your weaknesses will turn into strengths and your risks into commercial opportunities keeping you ahead of your competitors.

It could be that you feel your business is simply stuck in a rut or you are unable to identify the obstacles that are holding you back. Whatever the issue or however long you have been in business Nigel will work with you to find the problem and develop solutions while considering your employees, your stakeholders, your customers and your bottom line.

With a flexible and personalised action orientated approach you will become confident to make the changes and decisions needed to move you and your business forward.

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